The UATP card, an optimal payment solution to use with United Airlens

UATP is a global payments solution owned and operated by leading international airlines like United Airlines and accepted by thousands of vendors in the airline industry and travel agencies.

UATP offers the US airline an alternative payment plan that can expand their reach and generate additional sales globally. It also offers easy-to-use data processing solutions, such as DataStream SM and DataMine SM. These tools provide comprehensive account information, and allow issuers and subscribers to accurately manage their trips.

Having become essential, the lodged card is the management tool best suited to expenses in the world of air travel.

UATP is a payment system created by airlines to facilitate the settlement of airline tickets. Its trump card? It is one of the cheapest in terms of commission.

Reserved for companies for their business trips, the tool works like a lodged account with paperless purchases and monthly expenditure management.

United now accepts payments through UATP

United Airlines announces that it has adopted the UATP (Universal Airline Travel Plan) lodged card solution and that it accepts reservations from companies for flights and ancillary purchases made through its website, mobile app and customer service center. UATP card accounts can also be used through SBTs (online reservation tools) which distribute the company’s web rates.

The company’s business customers have sometimes used UATP for a long time. However, this payment method has so far only been available for bookings made by travel agents through GDS channels.

UATP cards are not held by an individual but are shared by several members of a company to organize their trips.

United Airlines is mobilizing to fully meet the needs of its customers, There is a clear demand for the acceptance of the UATP online solution. Many companies only book with carriers that accept them.

The strategic alliance between United and UATP makes it possible to integrate card payments designed specifically to offer its passengers a convenient and secure means of payment into its mobile application.

UATP connects United Airlines with alternative forms of payment around the world. By adding this payment method, the American company can offer contactless payments.

United is proud to offer the most intuitive, personal and secure mobile payment interface that allows passengers to make payments via smartphone from anywhere.

The Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP) is a platform that brings together more than 300 agency and airline partners from around the world to accelerate and simplify the acquisition of airline tickets for travel agencies and airlines companies.

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