United Airlines Economy Class: A new dimension of comfort for passengers

Economy class is an exclusive area of six to 11 rows (depending on fleet type) in the forward portion of the United EconomySM cabin with up to 5 inches more legroom. Premier® members, Star Gold and Star Silver members and customers traveling on fares booked in Y, B or M class will be eligible to receive a pre-assigned seat in Economy Plus on a first-come, first-served basis.

Economy Plus was developed with input from hundreds of frequent frequent-flyers. They told us they wanted more space in Economy, where most of their travel is booked. As a result, Economy Plus will feel roomier, with a seat pitch of 35 to 36 inches, compared to the industry standard of 31 inches.

To make room for Economy Plus, we removed one row of seats. Economy Plus is available on most North America (including US domestic, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Central America) and many International flights.

The benefit to you: more space and greater comfort, especially when it’s not possible to upgrade to United First.

It’s just one more way United is rising to meet your expectations, and rewarding your loyalty, when you fly with us.

More information on United’s Economy Class

Travelers cannot choose their seat in Basic Economy Class: it is assigned on the day of departure. They can also only take hand baggage which must be able to fit under their seat.

Unlike other large planes, in the 3 x 4 x 3 row seating arrangement, some United planes only have three seats in the middle row. It is believed that it will be better this way, as it makes it easier to get to the toilet for those who sit in the middle. In addition to being raised to stretch the legs, which is very necessary in this grip?

United Economy SM amenities

• Complimentary soft drinks, Starbucks coffee, and magazines
• Seat back video screens on all international three-cabin 767-300 and 777 aircraft.
• Depending on the length of your flight, beverage, snack or meal service
• Ergonomically designed seats
• Complimentary video headsets on movie flights

Transcontinental United Economy Service

United offer Premium Transcontinental Service on flights from JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco and from those cities back to JFK.

• Electronic headsets. Main screen video featuring major motion pictures.
• Verizon Airfone Service on every flight.
• Enhanced meals with fresh salad, choice of main course and dessert.
• Beverages available throughout the flight.
• Over 20 magazine titles
• Complimentary movie on main screen video

You are not deprived of entertainment

When it comes to on-board entertainment, the programming available on the television is good for those who understand English. The catalog of films and series is excellent. It has several new theatrical releases and several episodes of series.
Meals on board

Whether you are traveling on a flight served during the day or in the evening, a delicious dinner is always on offer, with options of meat or chicken. The meat dish is accompanied by a cake. To drink, the company offers juice and water.

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