Diners Club: Convenient way to pay for your United Airlines reservations

United Airlines invites you to test its Diners Club payment method that it offers on its site and to choose the one of your preference. It’s fast, secure and at no additional cost.

United Airlines accepts Diners Club transactions online, in their store or restaurant. Diners Club also uses 3D Secure, which guarantees its passengers secure transactions.

The Diners Club International card is a credit card that allows you to buy anything you want, including airline tickets from United, online, from its agencies or other agencies and ticket offices that accept this method of payment.

If the Diners Club Card was originally more geared towards financing trips or outings, it is now a safe bet in the field of booking airline tickets and all other travel products.

To use your Diners Club card on united.com, all you need to do is enter your details when booking, just like any other such credit card.

You can make your payments on United Airlines using this credit card, whether it is for the purchase of a plane ticket or any other product or service offered on the American company’s website such as baggage supplements. , special meals, …

Remember that at the time of payment you must have in hand the number and the visual cryptogram of the card, as well as the identity document, the telephone number and the address of the purchaser to validate the purchase.

Make a reservation with a Diners Card

Find out about the conditions for using your Diners Club card. As for the reservation process itself, you will proceed in the same way as for all other credit cards. All you have to do is go to the “Payment” section and select the Diners Club International Card option from the list of payment methods offered by your airline. You can then enter the amount as well as your card details. A transfer request will be sent to your financial institution. Upon receipt of the transaction confirmation (within 1 to 2 minutes maximum), the amount of your reservation will be credited to your account and you can then retrieve your electronic plane ticket.

You can pay for your reservation in cash by presenting the reservation code and contract number at physical United Airlines points.

Once the payment has been made, the United reservation system will confirm you by e-mail, issuing a document with which you can arrive at the airport in the city of departure.

Is online payment secure using a Diners Club card?

Booking online with this payment method is not only simple and convenient, but also secure. The Diners Club online reservation system allows the entry of credit card data on the United.com website, protected by an SSL certificate. The transmission of information to the bank’s protected servers is encrypted. Security controls are enhanced by applying the additional protection provided by the international credit card payment network, and specifically designed to ensure the reliability of online transactions.

If you have activated this service for your credit card, after entering your credit card details, you will be redirected directly to your bank’s website, where you can finalize payment for your ticket by entering your password.

Before you start payment, make sure your credit card is enabled for Internet payments. Diners Club, one of the most popular and secure payment platforms: a Diners Club account is all you need to get started.

This secure payment option for your ticket is available directly on United.com with your own account. Please select Diners Club as the payment method.

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