Fishing equipment, another special piece of baggage allowed on board United Airlines flights

Traveling by plane with your fishing equipment requires a little preparation to avoid the inconvenience at the check-in counter.

– Group your equipment

At United Airlines, each individually wrapped piece of equipment counts as one piece of checked baggage. The only exception: if the rod is accompanied by a tackle box, the two items will count as one piece of checked baggage. Better to be careful: the costs for excess baggage can escalate quickly. With the US carrier, the cost of transporting additional baggage can range from $ 100 to $ 225, and this may vary depending on the destination chosen.

– Invest in a hard case to carry your rod

Air carriers may refuse to check it in if it is packaged otherwise. Note that at United Airlines, sports equipment is only admitted upon signing a liability waiver form (provided at the check-in counter). To cover damage, it is best to take out travel insurance before departure.

Measure your luggage well. Additional fees are charged by airlines for oversized baggage. How do you know? The sum of length, width and height must not exceed 158 cm.

Fishing is perhaps your favorite pastime because in addition to experiencing exciting moments when you make a big catch, the activity allows you to enter a serene environment that renews your soul.

Since you love to fish, you will surely go to the nearby bodies of water whenever you get the chance. But what about fishing in a remote location that requires air travel? Can you take your fishing equipment with you on a United Airlines flight? First of all, first you need to learn how to carry a fishing rod on a board plane?

The general rule followed by every passenger plane is that your fishing rod should be housed in the upper compartment of the plane. But, two problems arise here. First of all, what if the rod is too big to fit in storage? And if it holds there, would you like to leave it unattended? There is concern that the bar will break at this point.

How to transport a fishing rod on an airplane?

Most airlines will not prevent you from taking a fishing rod with you. However, the rules for carrying a fishing rod may vary from company to company.

At United Airlines, carrying a cane is only possible in checked baggage. Each passenger is entitled to only one item which may include: two rods, landing net reel, pair of fishing boots and a lure box. The assembly must be contained in a suitable and well sealed container whose measurements must not exceed 115 “, which is equivalent to 292cm (all dimensions included), and the total weight is limited to 23kg (50 pounds).

If your fishing gear is over 80 “, or 203 centimeters in length cannot be carried in checked baggage, but rather in baggage that will be sent to United Airlines’ cargo service.

How about taking hooks on board?

As for the transport of hooks, well, that’s a controversial subject. The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration, is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security. In the case of a fishing hook, agency officials have no problem with small hooks. But the problem is that the agency did not specify the size of the hook.

So here is a confusion regarding the size of the hook. Small means how little?

If you want to carry hooks on board, contact United customer service and ask their agents to inquire about this possibility.

Are fishing lines allowed in carry-on baggage?

Whether you can carry fishing lines in your hand luggage depends on TSA officials. The security guard may or may not authorize it. An important tip about braided fishing lines is that they will not fit in your carry-on luggage. So don’t try to put it there.

Instead, pack this material in your checked baggage. Then you can carry it without any problem. Here are some dos and don’ts of bringing fishing gear on board.

Here are some steps to follow to travel with fishing equipment by plane without problems:

– Make a well-organized plan before your fishing trip

Making an itinerary will ensure that all goes well. Decide where you will go and stay and who you will fish with. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, please call the front desk and reserve your room before your arrival.

If you plan to fish abroad, hire a fishing boat there, as it is not possible to take a boat on board. Finally, if you are planning to hire a local guide, be sure to check their background.

– Consult the weather forecast

Successful fishing is highly dependent on weather conditions. It will make a good catch in sunny weather, while the depressed weather is great for catching the bass. So before you go to the site, get the forecast first.

– Do not bring sharp objects into the cabin

Go through your equipment list very carefully to make sure there are no sharp objects. Make sure there is no knife or wire cutters in your tackle box.

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