MileagePlus: Insufficient balance? you can buy miles to complete it

United’s MileagePlus loyalty program is available to people over the age of twelve. For the flights and services of partner organizations used, the customer receives miles which he spends as he wishes within the framework of the options offered.

Because United Airlines pays great attention to increasing the degree of customer loyalty, the American company has implemented various incentive systems for users.

A mile is a conditional bonus unit of the United Airlines MileagePlus program. Its value lies in the possibility of obtaining additional benefits without using funds. Miles are awarded for flying, buying from United and its partners, …

Book and buy miles

When you book award travel on United, you may have the option to buy up to 25% of the award miles required for that award travel. Please keep in mind that:

– If this option is available, it will only be presented when you book award tickets, either online or by phone. You must purchase the award miles at the time when your travel award is ticketed.

– The award travel that you are booking must require at least 5,000 miles.

– Miles are purchased in 1,000-mile increments for $35 (plus 7.5% excise tax) per thousand miles and are non refundable.

– This option does not apply to international airline partner awards or promotional awards.

– You also may be required to pay taxes on the mileage purchase.

– You can also purchase MileagePlus award miles through our Purchase Miles or Transfer Miles programs. You can make these purchases at any time – you don’t have to be actively booking an award reservation.

– If you plan to use miles for award travel within the next 48 hours, in most cases you can purchase the miles at the same time you redeem your award.

– Miles are $35 per 1,000 miles plus 7.5% excise tax

– Purchase up to 100,000 miles per account per calendar year

– Minimum purchase of 2,000 miles per account

– The credit card will be charged immediately for the purchase

– Mileage rates and other applicable charges are subject to change

– Miles purchased do not count toward MileagePlus Elite status

– All MileagePlus program rules and terms and conditions apply

Please allow 48 hours for miles to be credited to your account.

MileagePlus members can spend their earned miles on:

– Pay for a plane ticket;

– Class of service upgrade;

– Reservation of a hotel room;

– Acquisition of premium status;

– A gift from the catalog;

– Charitable donation.

Conventional units are valid for two years. Often during this period the participant does not have time to spend the accumulated bonuses, and he becomes exhausted. In order to avoid the loss of possible benefits, users are increasingly resorting to procedures for transferring and buying and selling miles.

Transfer miles to another member

United Airlines has set up an operation to transfer units of miles from another member’s bonus account to the user’s personal account. If there is a sufficient points balance, the customer can share them with a relative or resell them to a third party. Also, if necessary, program currency can be purchased using specialized exchange services.

The Company does not regulate the relationship between the parties to the transaction, leaving the conditions for the transfer of bonuses to their discretion, while warning of the ineligibility of using miles for commercial purposes. If precedents for non-compliance are identified, United Airlines may cancel or block the member’s account.

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