Pay the cost of your reservation using Alipay, the mobile payment solution

Alipay is a part of everyday life for United Airlines passengers as they use the platform to make all of their reservation payments.

They use this means of payment for the plane ticket when booking vacation packages with the American company. The whole process takes place on their electronic devices.

Typically, this is an electronic wallet that allows users to transact directly from their mobile device, and allows them to store funds on the app and then use them online, on website.

How to register on Alipay and create my own account?

– Go to, click on register

– You are redirected to your personal data. The default registration in the system asks for your mobile phone number. If you are ready to give your number, you must enter it and then enter the captcha code on the page. If however you wish to register with your e-mail address, you must click on “Register with an e-mail address” at the bottom of the page, then enter your nationality, your e-mail address and the captcha code displayed on the page .

– Then we go to the verification of your mobile phone number. You must enter it and make sure the box corresponding to your country is checked, and then click on Get Free; you will receive a verification code that you must enter it in the window that appears.

– Open the email sent by Alipay and click on the verification link. You need to set your Alipay password twice and your payment password twice as well. These two passwords must be different. The login password must be 6 to 20 characters long (letters, numbers, and punctuation marks), at least one uppercase, and no spaces between them. While the payment password should be a six-digit number, just like the password for american bank cards.

– The next page concerns your security question.

– Choose a security question from the drop-down menu and enter your answer in the box below.

– Last step. You fill in your personal data, your name, surname, gender, passport number and address in USA. Choose “passport” from the menu and click the orange button when finished.

Check that your contact details are correct after registration

– Log in with your registered account and click on the link next to your username on the home page

– Click on (Check Now) and you will go to the checkout page. Choose “foreign nationalities” under the yellow button, enter your name, passport number, upload your photo and the page with your dates of entry into USA, then enter your address and phone number. Finally click on the yellow button.

– You will find the banking information; you indicate your name associated with your bank account, the name of the bank, the city where your account was opened and your credit card number. Click on the yellow button. It usually takes 1 to 2 days for systematic treatment.

– You will then need to complete the real name verification process to be able to deposit money into your Alipay account.

However, things can turn out differently. You can see people scanning the vendor code to pay. How’s it going? It usually happens that the seller displays the receipt code of their Alipay accounts.

Customers scan the code and find the name of the supplier. They must then enter the amount of their expenses and their payment password. By doing this, you will be taken to a validated payment page on your mobile device.

If a seller or friend offers you their Alipay account instead of a QR scanner or instead of receiving a QR code, how do you make your payment?

You can simply transfer money to other people’s Alipay accounts. Click “Transfer”, you can choose who you want to transfer your money to, including your friends, Alipay account or bank card.

If you choose to transfer to an Alipay account, you need to enter the relevant Alipay account, confirm its name and enter the amount. You will get the payment details, which you will need to confirm before you can click “pay now” in the blue window.

All you have to do is enter your payment password and complete the payment.

How does Alipay work from computer to phone?

In this case, a QR code will be generated automatically and shown to the customer, the customer will have to open Alipay on their phone and scan it, the transaction details will then be displayed on the screen. If the details are correct, all the customer has to do is enter the password to confirm the payment. Finally, it will be directed to a successful payment page indicating that the payment is complete.

What currencies and currencies does Alipay accept?

Alipay supports GBP (English Pound), EUR (Euro), USD (US Dollar), etc. in addition to the yuan (CNY). But the CNY is the main currency. If you are traveling overseas where Alipay is available to sellers, you do not have to exchange your yuan for local currency. It will save you a lot of trouble. When you checkout, the system will automatically calculate your yuan spending based on the daily exchange rate.

If you are working in US dollars, you probably prefer to be able to convert to foreign currencies in order to better calculate how much a particular service / good is costing.

Is Alipay safe to store my money?

Generally, Alipay is safe if you carefully protect your personal information. Your best bet is to follow the instructions below when using Alipay when booking an airline ticket or other product / service on

– Keep your payment password and your connection password to yourself. Remember not to share them with anyone.

– Be careful when entering your password. Make sure you are in a safe place and that no one can see it.

– Remember to set a difficult password, because other people can easily guess certain passwords.

– Never show or have photographed your payment QR code by third parties, which would pose a great danger to your account security.

– Do not compromise the integrity of your mobile device by downloading unknown / suspicious files. Never click on a suspicious URL link and do not install any suspected virus applications on your cell phone.

– Stay rational and calm when receiving texts or phone calls from scammers.

– With the aim of providing individuals and merchants with a safe, simple and fast way to modernize their business, Alipay emphasizes the security system and takes various measures to create a secure online payment environment, such as Strict security controls compatible with major operating systems on computers as well as on phones and tablets, SMS verification service, digital certificate, protected payment, security question, etc.