Have you thought about flying with United Airlines, with bowling balls?

As you are probably well aware, aviation can be a delicate process to gain access to many men and women.

The regulations, checkpoints, security processes and time management required to successfully travel from one airport to another could be stressful at best.

For bowlers, another element of concern would be inserted in the complexity of aviation, the transport of equipment.

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories and tales of aviation accidents.

With a lot of things that can go wrong, what can you do once you end up needing to travel by plane, bowling ball?

Could you bring a bowling ball on an Airplane?

A great place to start is to see if you can even bring your bowling balls and gear on the plane.
While this is an excellent base to go to transport your bowling ball and other equipment, the site goes on to state the final choice is up to the TSA agent who assesses your luggage.

So, although bowling balls are generally accepted on airplanes, each airline may have different regulations for their flights regarding where the bowling balls are to take place. It is therefore necessary that before booking a flight with an airline, you assess its regulations.

Many airlines prohibit storing bowling balls in the overhead compartment and insist that they be left under your seat.

United Airlines allows each passenger to carry bowling equipment in their checked baggage. The passenger can take up to three bowling balls in their luggage.

Your bowling ball is a big thing, with weights of up to fifty pounds. If there is some severe turbulence throughout your trip, you and the people sitting near you don’t need those bowling balls falling from the overhead compartment, in-flight concussions are not pleasant.

Group your bowling balls in complete safety

You will need a lot of things to pack and transport your bowling gear. Also, for travel only, these tools can be useful for routine and regular transport and to keep your bowling ball safe during transport.
Buying quality protective gear can prevent damage to your bowling balls as your luggage is handled during transport.

This protection is especially important when heading to a championship because you don’t need to get there in a high stakes game and have your bowling in rough shape.

What type of bag to choose to carry your bowling kit

The bag you use to transfer your bowling ball is probably the most important line of protection your ball has. Expedition bags come in different sizes, shapes, sizes and styles, however, the main point to keep in mind when choosing your luggage is to opt for a sack bag specifically designed for ball travel bowling.

Carry your bowling kit in shoulder bags

As the name suggests, these bags are meant to be taken over the shoulder as they are used for transportation. These bins are normally available in smaller sizes, using a 3-tote feature as the regular maximum.

These bags are perfect if you already carry a lot of bags and have your hands full. They can usually be placed under market seats as well, although different brands and sizes may require some compression to match.

However, they put a lot of weight on one shoulder of the body, especially if you use them to transfer three pieces, so be sure to wear it on your non-dominant side to avoid damage before a tournament.

They’re on both sides of the body as well, so you want to be extra careful when maneuvering in tight spaces, so you don’t have to hit your bowling balls even though they’re well protected.

Carry your bowling kit in a backpack

The same guy you see was hauled off to college now, his bowling balls rather than the novels you wear.

These bowling ball bags usually come in sizes for you two bowling balls and that’s a fantastic thing, you don’t need a lot of fat to strain your back before a tournament.

The smaller dimensions make them easier to match under your seat for carry-on, but more pressure may be needed.

Like the shoulder bag, the backpack allows you to keep your hands free for carrying other bags.

Its location on your own body also serves to keep your bowling balls safe, as you don’t have to worry as much as hammering them off objects as you make your way through the airport and on the plane.

– Or in wheeled bags

This style of bag is preferred by many professionals. These are the bags that can (depending on the dimensions you buy) go on to four bowling balls for trips.

The reels can also come in modes which come and are configured in different ways. This gives you flexibility in the size of your luggage.

Note: If you plan to use clothes, make sure you don’t mind if they are slightly oily or have a pad between them with your own ball. Since your bowling ball obviously absorbs oil, it will likely sweat oil on your upholstery during transport.

The rollers also relieve your whole body when carrying your bowling balls. Using a roller, you are ready to transfer your heavy bowling balls without risking straining your body before you embark on an important tournament.

While bowling bags provide a fantastic first line of defense in bowling ball safety for excessive protection, it is possible to wrap a protective pillow around your bag balls.

You don’t have to buy anything special to cushion your song, although there are ball cushions if you need them. Alternatively, you can take soft things around your property like towels, small blankets as well as the clothes you personally bring with you and wrap them all over your bale to bag.

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