Various payment methods and plans to pay your reservation fees with United Airlines

Most of the time, the purchase of airline tickets is done with a credit card, but it is not the only payment method available at United Airlines. The American company offers you other means of payment to be able to buy a ticket without a credit card.

If you plan to travel and buy your ticket in advance, applying for a credit card from your bank can be a fairly reliable method.

A fairly simple and reliable option is to select your flight on the website. And here you will not only have optional credit card payment, but also PayPal or debit card. And if tech isn’t your thing, you can also buy your ticket physically. United Airlines allows cash payment and also accepts checks and money orders. To carry out this procedure, you just need to have your identity document at hand.

What are the online payment methods for airline tickets?

There are several options when paying for an airline ticket online, such as: Alipay, Apple Pay, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, VISA Card, Paypal, Paypal Credit, UATP and UnionPay.

If you want to make your payment quickly and securely, a platform like Paypal is the best option, as their system supports electronic money transfers, using everything from money orders to checks.

Pay for your reservations with:

– Gift cards

These cards are also a very good option, and easy to use as a means of payment, they are essentially gift cards that have a preloaded sum of money, and thus be able to pay or make purchases in store.

– Electronic vouchers

They are vouchers that United Airlines contains to use as a means of payment, and thus facilitate users at the time of a flight, functioning as a credit at the time of use.

– Face-to-face payments

You can pay by credit card, VISA, MasterCard, or simply if the airline has a physical seat, you can go there and make your payment directly and in person, and thus you can get your ticket for the trip.
To pay for airline tickets booked with the American company, you can choose one of the payment methods that suits you:

– Cash or Cash to courier on ticket delivery: Courier delivery of airline tickets is a chargeable service. To clarify your ticket delivery time and cost, please contact your operator.

– By credit card on the site in the online reservation system

– By bank transfer according to the receipt sent to you in any bank. With this method of payment, it must be taken into account that the time for making a payment through the bank is 2-3 days. Please note that when paying for tickets, a commission of the amount will be charged.

– By bank transfer to the account issued to your organization. To do this, you must send the details of the paying agency by email and/or fax.

Before paying through the bank, be sure to call your operator back and check that the ticket can be issued and that the airline has not canceled the reservation before the declared time of the fare.

After paying the receipt, call immediately (during business hours) and let them know. The basis for issuing a ticket is the fact of full payment and receipt of money in our current account, or a scanned copy of the passenger’s bank receipt and passport sent by e-mail or fax.

The company is not responsible for the work of banking institutions for the timely transfer of funds, as well as for the actions of the airline to cancel ticket reservations before the declared time of the fare or any changes to the flight (hours departure and arrival, type of board of directors, …).

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