Clear: A remote identification service for fast boarding

A scan of the iris or a fingerprint is enough to pass security, a quick technique that facilitates the journey of passengers. United Airlines allows its passengers to board faster thanks to biometrics
United Airlines wants to help its passengers go through security checks more quickly, so the American airline has implemented a biometric screening system in several of its hubs, including the base in Chicago, Houston and Newark and in several other airports in the United States. United States.

Travelers in a hurry or even stressed, more concerned with spending in duty-free shops than waiting to drop off their luggage or remove shoes and belts at checkpoints, … This service can radically transform the United Airlines passenger experience at the airport at at the same time to make it faster, much less stressful but also safer.

CLEAR is a technology company that uses fingerprints and iris scans to verify a traveler’s identity at checkpoints.

United Airlines is partnering with CLEAR to make travel easier for select passengers, members of the MileagePlus loyalty program.

Clear charges most of its members $179 per year, but thanks to its partnership with United, passengers of the American company can join this program for free, and more, they can accumulate miles using the service of remote identification offered by Clear.

The airline is partnering with Clear, a company that uses fingerprint or facial recognition instead of an ID card or passport to speed up security checks at airports and stadiums.

How the identity verification procedure at the airport with Clear works?

First, head to where you need to register and identify yourself, and when you arrive at the airport, you only need to present yourself to a Clear Module and use only your eyes to confirm your identity. And now you no longer need to scan your boarding pass.
You no longer have to go to a check-in counter and speak to a TSA agent or provide them with your travel documents to confirm your identity. You can do it all in a minute using the Clear service.

A faster technique to read personal data

Clear terminals are available at Newark Liberty International and Houston George Bush. Intercontinental airports and several other airports in the United States. In addition to going through security more quickly thanks to technology, passengers who are members of the MileagePlus program benefit, depending on their status, from free access to the Clear service or a discount on the service, which costs $179 per year.

The two entities want to be reassuring by indicating that the Clear technology is secure and transparent, but the fact remains that the data is entrusted to a third party.

As a member of the MileagePlus rewards program, you receive a discount on the service offered by Clear.

Indeed, a passenger must pay $179 each year to be able to access this service, while a MileagePlus member pays only $119. For members with Premier Silver, Gold or Platinum status, they must pay only $109 to benefit from this service.

Passengers with Premier 1K status enjoy free CLEAR service no matter how many times they fly with United and its partners.

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