Manage My Booking: A tool to modify the reservation using the flight number

If you have booked a flight with United Airlines and want to change your ticket, this is possible. To do this, you have several means available to you. Indeed, you can contact the airline’s customer service either by phone, with social networks or directly by internet. Thus, you can change the day of your flight or even the departure time of your reservation.

Here is all the information you will need to easily change your flight reservation with United Airlines.

Most of the airline tickets offered by United Airlines are changeable. However, the rules differ depending on the ticket you purchased. In some cases, it is possible to modify the round trip destination, but sometimes the airline does not allow the modification of certain data such as the date and time of departure, or they can be modified but by paying a fee.

If you have opted for an “Editable Flight Ticket”, it is possible to change the date / time of the ticket at least once. The only costs associated with a first reservation modification are the price difference if the booking class of the new ticket is higher / more expensive.

If you have not purchased our Changeable Airline Ticket product, the modification of the reservation may be authorized by the airline and will be subject to a charge, if applicable. These fees depend on the airline rules and the seats available on the flight you wish to book.

Administrative fees for processing the file are also invoiced. United staff will then check if a change is possible and the amount of any charges. If a reservation modification is possible, an agent will send you a message allowing you to pay the modification fee. The change is not effective until after payment has been made.

The modification of an already validated United Airlines reservation is completely free when you take a flight connecting two destinations in the United States, and also a flight which serves Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Changes to reservation data for flights connecting airports in the United States to Mexico or the Caribbean are also free.

Indeed, United Airlines accepts that you change your reservation free of charge regardless of the flight you take, and regardless of the destination to which you are flying.

Indeed, United Airlines accepts that you change your reservation free of charge regardless of the flight you take, and regardless of the destination to which you are flying, and regardless of whether you have an Economy, Economy Plus, First, Businessand Business Polaris.

A reservation modification, whether it is a change of date or time of departure, correction of the name, addition of a service, … all you have to do is identify yourself to your online customer area and make as many changes as you want to your reservation.

Passengers and airlines alike face a whole new scenario. Every day, countries are closing borders, canceling routes, and travelers are looking for flexibility in the face of the scenario. Depending on the date of purchase and your destination, United Airlines will allow you to change your flight free of charge. You only have to pay the price difference when booking a new plane ticket.

In other words, the date change fee is not charged for the same itinerary and the same cabin paid. If there is a fare difference between the original ticket and the new ticket, this difference must be paid at the time of the change. It is also possible to change the route free of charge.

How to change your United Airlines flight?

When your flight has been canceled or modified, or when you wish to modify it, several possibilities are available to you:

– Choose a new date to travel on the same route, but paying the difference (if it exists and applies).

– Correct your name or correct other data such as the date or day of departure, baggage supplement, etc.

If you ever cannot travel as planned with United, but you wish to keep your plane ticket, United gives you the option of using it for up to 12 months after the date of booking, but within this In this case, it is quite possible that charges will apply.

Make special changes

   – Add the number of Mileage Plus members

It is possible and so easy to do it. You only have to choose the option “Modify traveler information” in your booking area.

In your space dedicated to the management of your reservation, you can add delete as many services as you want, for example, you can add the transport of a pet with you by plane, the transport of a medical device such as A wheelchair, …

Add an additional passenger to a reservation already made?

United also allows this, as it allows the cancellation of the reservation of a passenger traveling with several people on the same itinerary.

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