Taking a United Airlines flight with sports equipment: Here are the conditions

Undoubtedly, the plane has become the most popular means of transport between different countries. Today it’s common to fly thousands of miles to ski, bike, scuba dive, or climb an ice peak. Traveling with lots of gear comes with some restrictions that you need to be aware of so you don’t get left at the airport without your luggage.

Indeed, traveling with sports equipment involves a certain degree of risk. Your belongings could be broken, lost, stolen or cost you a few pounds in extra baggage fees. Unless you are particularly demanding about the use of your tennis racket or your surfboard, you should ask yourself why you take sports equipment with you. Only you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

Various sports equipment with which you can travel on a United Airlines flight: Bicycle/Bike, Skiboard, Bowling Balls, Camping, Scuba Diving, Firearms, Fishing Equipment, Golf Bag, Kayak and Surfboard.

United Airlines has certain rules and tariffs for transporting sports equipment. If your baggage includes oversized items (for example, sports equipment), then when purchasing a ticket, you must make a request to reserve space for such baggage. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Two measures determine the amount of baggage carried: weight and class of travel.

At United Airlines, baggage allowance is determined by weight and size. The weight of baggage you can carry for free depends on the class you are traveling in. For members of any MileagePlus loyalty program, free baggage weight may be increased as an incentive.

United Airlines does not impose special requirements on baggage dimensions, but the maximum size is always defined. If the weight or dimensions of the baggage exceed 32 kg or 203 cm (height + length + width), you must submit a request to the airline for the carriage of non-standard baggage. Therefore, when buying a ticket, you need to tell the agent about the estimated dimensions of the carried baggage – width, depth and height, as well as its weight.

Many destinations have preferential rates for passenger flights, but if the baggage exceeds the allowed limits, you will have to pay additional costs for transporting it.

Almost all sports equipment can be carried under normal baggage rules. That is, if the total weight of the baggage, as well as the inventory, does not exceed the norm, the baggage is transported free of charge. But if your skis, snowboard, golf bag, snorkeling gear add extra pounds, then you’ll have to pay the overweight rate.

There is always a supplement for transporting a bicycle. It must be packed according to certain rules. Some airports offer a bike crate that will add more than three kilograms to your luggage. If the inventory is reduced, it can be carried as hand baggage.

Protects your sports equipment well

If you’re traveling with a bike, surfboard or snowshoes and don’t feel like spending a few hours claiming damages at the airport, it’s important to protect them well at home. In addition to using his backpack to carry them, he uses bubble wrap, a cardboard box or heavy-duty plastic. It is a very cheap and effective trick that does not fail with blows. If you don’t have it at home, some companies sell boxes at airports to pack your gear. Arrive at the airport early enough to check in.

Depending on the type of sports equipment you are traveling with, you may need to lay it on another strip, as is usually the case with bicycles or golf clubs. In addition to the strikes that sometimes occur in the summer at airports, try to arrive early enough to avoid rushing into the terminal building. In some airlines, the seat reservation must be made at least 24 hours before your presentation at check-in. Check airline terms and conditions for traveling with sports teams.

As you can see, traveling with your sports gear is a lot easier than it looks, you just have to plan it a little more carefully. By flying with United Airlines, you can harness your sportsmanship without destroying your pocket or your patience.

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