Use the Visa card for your payments with United Airlines:

The benefits of the Visa Premier card, Visa’s premium card, are numerous. The card allows you to go on a trip without worry thanks to the insurance and dedicated assistance. Find the list of advantages of the Visa Premier card, but also where to find it at the most competitive price.

Visa Premier card, a high-end bank card

Considered a high-end means of payment, the Visa Premier card is often confined to the richest in the popular mind. In fact, the arrival of online banking has made it much more accessible from a pricing perspective.

The many advantages of the Visa Premier card explain the success of this bank card. Between insurance, assistance and higher payment ceilings, the high-end bank card is particularly popular.

What are the advantages of the Visa Premier card?
Practical travel insurance

Included insurance is one of the most frequently cited benefits of the Visa Premier card. They are to be distinguished from assistants, which do not work quite the same way.

Visa premier: A card with lots of advantages

To benefit from insurance, you must have paid for your trip, rental, etc. with the Visa Premier bank card.

Who can benefit ? The bank card holder can of course enjoy the benefits of the Visa Premier card, but his or her spouse or partner (living under the same roof), their unmarried children under the age of 25 and living as dependents, their ascendants and descendants living under the same roof, unmarried grandchildren under 25, if traveling with the cardholder, are also covered by insurance.

Please note, in the case of a trip with friends, if only one of the travelers is responsible for paying for the plane tickets and the trip, then the other members of the group will not be covered and will not benefit from the advantages of the Visa card. First, unless they fall into one of the categories above.

What are these assurances?

The Visa Premier card insurances mainly cover the holder during his travels and trips, all over the world, and during the first 90 days. Which makes it an ideal travel bank card.

A travel guarantee that includes:

– Cancellation or modification of the United Airlines flight, delay, loss or theft of baggage;
– Ski rental equipment;
– Rental vehicle, in the event of theft and damage;
– Death / disability in the event of an accident.

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