Economy Plus from United Airlines, a class with seats adapted for all journeys

A new cabin on United Airlines long-haul flights, the Economy Plus class which became widespread a few years ago on board its cabins. A new offer to consider whether for your business or leisure trips, …

Positioned between the traditional Eco class (Economy) and the Premium class, Economy Plus is an essential offer from United Airlines.

Like more and more airlines, United Airlines now offers an upgraded Economy cabin on its international Boeing 757-200 flights.

United Airlines Economy Plus is characterized by 3 elements: a separate cabin, a new seat and exclusive services:

– A new dedicated cabin

United Airlines, which has created Economy Plus cabins, has made sure to allocate it a symbolic location on board its aircraft. Taking advantage of the arrival of larger planes and offering more modularity (Boeing 777 and 787), the American company was able to dedicate a separate space to it. More quite Eco, is not a Business class, it is inserted between the two on long haul. Composed of 20 to 40 seats, this cabin offers more comfort, space and services.

– A custom seat

If the Economy Plus had to be summed up in one feature, it would be its seat. To distinguish itself from the Eco class, it needed a strong marker, expected by passengers: a seat with more space and comfort. It is wider than an Eco armchair with more legroom, a footrest and a greater backrest angle.

An Eco armchair offers, on average, a width of 45 cm and a space between the seats of 80 cm. In Economy Plus, it takes 50 cm in width and 96 cm in length. The Economy + seat solves the frustration of the Eco passenger by offering space, without competing with the Business seats, which have become veritable flat beds 2 meters long.

In some aircraft, Economy Plus class has seat shells which have the advantage of offering a preserved space for passengers: inspired by the Business, the shell that surrounds it avoids encroaching on the space of the passenger behind.

Economy Plus class at a glance:

  • Premium seat with wider seating surface and generous seat spacing
  • Footrest from the second row or legrest with integrated footrest in the first row
  • Always a separate center armrest with folding table and coffee table
  • 12-inch screen with remote control for the in-flight entertainment system
  • Own power socket and USB port on the seat
  • The Economy Plus cabin, offering more legroom for passengers who decide to pay more.

United Airlines Economy Plus is characterized by three elements: a separate cabin, a new seat and exclusive services.

This intermediate cabin between economy class and business class has been installed on the 41 United Airlines Boeing 757-200s operating flights between the United States and Europe.

Economy Plus class seats offer up to 12 cm more legroom, a gain that can be very significant when you have long legs and the journey is long.

The reclining seat is more classic

A large armchair with a footrest. It uses the principle of the Eco seat, which allows the passenger to tilt their backrest backwards, encroaching on the space of the passenger seated behind.

In addition, these seats are located at the front of the economy cabin, which allows passengers who have chosen these seats to disembark the plane more quickly.

United Airlines Boeing 757-200s operating transatlantic flights are configured in three cabins with 16 seats reclining 180° in Business First, 45 seats in Economy Plus and 108 seats in economy class.

This cabin with its highly comfortable seats appeals to some of their Economy customers who are looking for more comfort and are ready to pay the extra, and corporate customers who want to reduce their employees’ travel budgets while maintaining comfort for their employees travelers.

For United Airlines, Economy Plus enables it to move upmarket, improve revenue per passenger and differentiate itself from companies that offer a single class.

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