Obtain your United Airlines Boarding pass

You can check in online 30 hours before your flight. When checking in with United, you can change your seat and get your boarding pass, which you need to get on your flight. Choose from the following options:

– Go to the Check-o, section of the website
– Use the United app.

After that, you can get your boarding pass as you see fit:

– Receive it by e-mail;
– Save it on your smartphone;
– Print a hard copy;
– Pick it up at the airport using an interactive kiosk.

How do you get the boarding pass?

You can check in with your smartphone and download your United boarding pass. This way with the app you will have everything at your fingertips.

Real-time information

With real-time notifications, stay informed of the status of your flight, without having to lift a finger.
Boarding deadline: After what time is it no longer possible to board?
Keep in mind the boarding deadline. This is the moment after which it is no longer possible to get on the plane.

– 15 minutes before departure of domestic flights (scheduled between cities in the United States)
– 30 minutes before the departure time of other flights before boarding : How to deposit your luggage at the counter? After checking your baggage, proceed to the United Airlines counter to drop it off.

It’s time to go to the counter to drop off your luggage. Check the flight departure board for the number of the baggage drop-off counter.

Once you have dropped off your baggage, United will ensure that your baggage arrives at its final destination by passing it through the baggage hold.

Pass the security checkpoint

At the security checkpoint, officers will check your carry-on baggage for the safety of all passengers. To make this process as smooth as possible, please separate your liquids, laptop, coat or jacket, and any metal object (keys, coins, belt, etc.)

If you are traveling or in Europe (Schengen area), you will also go through passport control before boarding.

Boarding the plane

After check-in (online or at the airport), the embarkation step for your departure with United begins.

You will soon be invited to board your flight. Please proceed to the boarding gate after you have passed through the security checkpoint.

Keep your boarding pass handy and make sure you arrive at the boarding gate before the boarding deadline (15-20 minutes before the flight departure time).

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