United Airlines is adding PayPal Credit to its list of online payment options for airline tickets

The American company is offering a new payment option to customers using all of the company’s online sales channels: they can now purchase airline tickets, and any other additional service, through PayPal, the most popular online payment system, fast, easy and secure.

A desire to escape? A business trip? Family vacations? Whatever the reason for your stay, United Airlines has the solution! Concerned that everyone can leave according to their desires and possibilities, United Airlines offers multiple payment solutions.

Discover its online payment solution with PayPal

This funding option is a transactional email. After your quote validation, we will send you an email with the contract and an online payment method.

Take advantage of the hundreds of destinations available on the American company’s website, choose yours and pack your bags.

United Airlines allows payment for airline tickets through PayPal, which allows passengers to book even faster through the site of one of the world’s largest airlines.

The partnership between the American operator and the online payment company has been open to passengers for several years.

More than 100 million passengers traveling with United each year therefore have an even greater choice of payment methods. With 150 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal makes it easier for companies like United to expand their sales internationally.

It is therefore possible to use PayPal to pay for United airline tickets or other services and products marketed by the American carrier on its website, United.com.

Offered via the mobile and tablet application. This will allow customers to pay for their plane tickets quickly and easily with PayPal, without having to enter their credit card number each time they make a reservation.

Since the United States airline introduced this new payment option, millions of passengers have used it to book their flights and seats on planes.

United works daily to optimize the booking experience for its customers, across all sales channels.

This partnership meets the expectations and requirements of the passengers of the American company: a simple, fast and secure solution.

The purchase of airline tickets is done primarily over the internet and through this partnership with United Airlines, PayPal intends to make everyday life easier for travelers.

PayPal and United have the ambition to make online payments easier for tourism players of all sizes.
According to the US carrier, this online payment system provides a secure and convenient way to purchase tickets. Customers are able to pay for their plane tickets using the preferred payment method, be it a bank account, credit card or Visa debit card, associated with their PayPal account.

The strategy of the Star Alliance Company is to always give customers the opportunity to make their purchases with the payment method they prefer. This popular online payment system is secure, fast and easy to use.

PayPal has more than three hundred million active users worldwide. The two companies share the same goal of providing a great payment experience for travelers, so they spend less time buying tickets online and more time enjoying their trip.

Payment via PayPal from smartphones

Passengers can purchase a plane ticket with just a few clicks. They can pay for their plane tickets with their smartphone, they can also pay for snacks and drinks with their mobile, and they buy their priority boarding using the Paypal app.

Paypal insurance: Free with full guarantees offered to passengers

The travel insurance offered is cancellation insurance from Europ assistance. This allows you to obtain a reimbursement of the travel expenses that remain at your expense in the event of unforeseeable cancellation of the United flight reservation, settled with Paypal and beyond your control.

Please note, this guarantee does not cover the impossibility of leaving linked to the material organization of the trip or to the accommodation or security conditions of the destination. Details of the guarantees offered by this cancellation insurance are available online.

How to benefit from the travel insurance offered by Paypal?

To be eligible for cancellation insurance, all you need to do is have a valid PayPal account and activate the insurance contract coverage covering the cancellation of the Trip. The cover is valid for an indefinite number of trips, as long as these are paid for through the PayPal account during the validity period of the Certificate of Insurance previously activated.

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