United excess overweight and oversized baggage fees

Baggage must abide by the size,weight or quantity limitations imposed by the airline. Additional charges will be applied if the baggage doesn’t meet these requirements. If your baggage is found to exceed the limits, you will need to pay the corresponding fees for each violation. You may also be charged an oversize/overweight fee if your baggage exceeds the maximum allowed dimensions.

Baggage fees are very high. For example, if you’re flying from New York to Seattle, and you’ve got two checked bags weighing 3 pounds each, you’ll be charged $300 for those two bags. And if you want to check an extra bag, then you’ll be paying $100 per bag.

Baggage charges

– Excess bags: three or more $150-200 each

– Overweight bags: 51-70 lbs. $100-200

– Overweight bags: 71-100 lbs. $200-400

– Overweight bags: 100 lbs. + Not allowed

– Oversized bags: 63-115 linear inches $200

– Seasonal excess baggage embargoes

United Airlines imposes embargoes on excess baggage during certain times of the year.

What is United Airlines’ UA fee for excess baggage?

United Airlines recommends people check out their Baggage Calculator online.

What is United Airlines’ UA fee for overweight baggage?

United Airlines charges more for bigger bags. A flight to/from the US costs about $200 if you bring your own bag. You’ll pay more if you check-in a larger bag.

What is United Airlines’ UA fee for overweight baggage?

United Airlines charges more for heavier bags. For example, if you’re traveling from New York City to Los Angeles, your first bag will cost $100 (between 51 and 70 pounds). Your bag will cost $400 (between 71 and 100 pounds).

Online additional baggage fee calculator

Baggage fees vary by destination. For example, luggage costs more when traveling internationally than domestically.

Flight between the U.S. and:

– Los Angeles (LAX) $35 at airport, $30 prepaid $45 at airport, $40 prepaid

– Cancun, Mexico (CUN) $35 at airport, $30 prepaid $60 at airport, $55 prepaid

– Guatemala City, Guatemala (GUA) $35 at airport, $30 prepaid $45 at airport, $40 prepaid

United Baggage exceptions for active military

United States Military Personnel are exempt from state income tax if they are stationed on a military base or training site within the boundaries of the State of Alaska.

Buy extra baggage at the airport

The easiest, but not the most economical, way to add baggage is to do so at the airport. There are two ways:

– Find your airline office and add baggage there.

– Do it directly at the reception

Online Baggage Calculator

You can check baggage allowance and its cost using United Airlines’ online calculator.

United Airlines’ online calculator allows you to properly plan the transport of your luggage going to the hold of the plane, because you know beforehand the cost of transporting additional luggage, oversized or overweight items.

The official United baggage fee calculator allows users to quickly compare baggage fees for different routes and fares. Users can input their MileagePlus sign-ins and then select a departure location and destination. The calculator will display the total baggage costs for the selected route and fare class.

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