Discover Card: For easy and secure payment for your reservations with United Airlines

With over one hundred million cardholders in the Americas, Discover is a major card system in the American market. Some of the benefits include:

– Support for one-click payments and a consistent shopping experience online, in-store and on mobile

– Strategic partnerships to accept foreign travelers to the United States, flying with United Airlines

– Additional level of security with ProtectBuy

A Discover credit card is sufficient to make a reservation online. It’s easy and fast. But such an operation implies acceptance of the cancellation conditions and affects the limit of spending authorized with your card.

Do you dream of a little getaway, a weekend in the countryside or a city trip? After some research on, have you found what you are looking for, a plane ticket for a cheap flight to your dream destination? You enter your personal data and your credit card number on the website of the American company. Almost instantly, you receive confirmation of your reservation. The system is simple and efficient.

Pay for all your purchases; reserve a preferential seat on the plane to go halfway around the world with United. Make purchases online on the website of the American company, withdraw cash from an ATM (see the details in the price list). All of this is done with the Discover credit card. This allows you to pay worldwide and on the company’s US site.

Pay even easier around the world and online with your Discover credit card. Safely withdraw cash and pay for your purchases from United.

Pay for your plane ticket online, quickly and securely

Buy plane tickets on the website of your favorite airline? Luggage supplements? An upgrade to Business class? All this is possible with your Discober card, quickly and securely.

Travel the world with United, with just one Visa Classic credit card

A world tour? Or rather a city-trip of a few days? With the Discover card, you book your plane ticket, rent a car at the airport, and pay for all your purchases on

Always keep control over your spending

Check your account balance between two flights? Receive a clear statement of your expenses at the end of the month? It is possible and very easy.

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