American Airlines Electronic Boarding Pass: Save a lot of time and fly with peace of mind

American Airlines has launched the electronic mobile boarding pass, allowing access to the aircraft without any paper document other than a simple identification document for all flights in its network.

The American company now allows passengers departing from all airports to receive their boarding pass directly on their smartphone. Passengers must first register on the American Airlines website. They will then be able to request that their boarding pass be sent directly to their mobile, provided it has Internet access. They will receive an email with a link containing a bar code. Once at the airport, all they need to do is scan this encrypted bar code, containing all the travel information, at baggage drop-off, through security and boarding.

This process should allow passengers to save time. The American Airlines mobile boarding pass is now available at some 60 airports around the world.

It is now possible to travel without a paper ticket by completing its check-in and boarding procedures online by mobile phone as offered by American Airlines on its domestic, regional and international flights. Passengers can use their mobile boarding pass on all flights served by the US carrier. This saves them time at the airport by avoiding long queues.

Passengers receive their boarding pass by e-mail or text message on their mobile phone connected to the Internet. In addition to flight data such as passenger name, flight number and departure time, the boarding pass includes a 2D bar code that allows travelers to go directly to their boarding gate after passing through the gateways, security checks. Finally, to guarantee the electronic boarding pass, in the event of a laptop breakdown, it is possible to have a printed boarding pass issued at the check-in terminal or at a counter.

American Airlines Launches Mobile Boarding Pass

Airline carrier American Airlines has added a check-in option to its mobile app to standardize the check-in experience and facilitate access to boarding passes for passengers.

Passengers have their boarding pass and everything they need for their trip. They can also check in additional baggage, modify their seat reservation, etc.

The US carrier always aims to seek solutions, and establish services that help take the stress out of the prospect of travel, knowing their boarding pass was ready and they had already reserved their seats. Automatic check-in means peace of mind with this simple, automated solution that also saves time.

This card can be saved on mobile. This service is available to passengers traveling on internal flights, who have already reserved their seats or are automatically assigned a seat during check-in. Passengers requiring special assistance, such as those with their pets in the cabin or unaccompanied minors, will need to continue checking in with an agent.

This electronic document is operational and valid, both outward and return, without correspondence.
This paperless boarding pass contains all the data of a traditional boarding pass: passenger name, boarding time, boarding gate, departure time, seat number, travel class, ...

When arriving at the airport, the customer shows his document displayed on his mobile phone to:
- Check in any baggage at the baggage drop counter with barcode reading,
- Go to the security post, showing the screen of your phone,
- Access the lounge for eligible customers, by showing their phone screen,
- Board at the door, with optical barcode reading,
- When entering the plane, show the screen to the flight crew.

If a phone is not working or has a battery failure, for example, passengers can print their card at a Self Service Kiosk or have it printed by an American Airlines agent at any time on their way to the plane.

Protect your boarding pass

Airline boarding passes are among the most important documents a passenger should carry. Your pass is a kind of virtual fingerprint, revealing not only your name and route, but also your airline, the day of your departure and your stopover. Two-dimensional barcodes and unique QR codes can hold a lot of information, and even the codes printed on the boarding pass issued by American Airlines can help someone learn more about you, your vacation plans, and even them. information from your frequent flyer account. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your boarding pass.
If you have an airline boarding pass with a departure city in the United States, check your flight date in advance or simply call your airline's box office and ask for confirmation. Often a flight departure date is displayed a few days in advance. Confirm with your airline whether or not your flight will be open to people traveling with a waiting period, such as your partner or children.

The best way to maximize the amount of information you can collect from a boarding pass is to have it printed and keep it in a safe place. Many travelers end up losing or misplacing their boarding passes, which can seriously delay their trip. Make sure you have this piece with you every time you get on board, whether with you or in a safe place. You may also want to have a copy pinned against your suit jacket for quick access.

Some frequent travelers like to take extra copies of their boarding passes on board. You can use them to enter your flight information into the booking computer, or you can put one with your name and a scanned image of your card in your bag for quick entry. Be sure to check your boarding passes often and replace them if they are dirty, so you don't miss your connection. It's also a good idea to check the number of passengers on your flight on your return flight to make sure there is enough room for all of you. If the number is too small, you will have to wait for the next flight to have a chance to board.

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Finally, if you need to leave your boarding pass at home, do so in a secure location. Your luggage will need to be scanned before being placed on the airport carousel. Then your boarding passes need to be scanned at the security checkpoint so that they can also be scanned at the carousel. This will ensure that if there is a problem, they can be detected quickly. Staying on your flight is an important decision, but safety and privacy should always be your first priority. By following these tips, you will ensure that your card is secure while you are away.

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