American Airlines flight cancellation: Cancellation insurance protects you in the event of an unforeseen event

Months of preparation, of time and money invested, of anticipation ... A trip is all this and much more. It's dedication, enthusiasm, disconnection, adventure ... But what if an unforeseen event ruins your vacation? Having to cancel a trip due to an unforeseen situation can happen but the reality is that faced with such a scenario, there are two options: to lose everything or to be able to recover the invested budget.

How does cancellation insurance work and when can you purchase it?

While in every trip you need to leave room for improvisation, the truth is that once you get organized, it's better to be safe than sorry. American Airlines Cancellation Insurance that you could add online responds the popular mantra by protecting your investment from the moment you make your reservation. And, unlike other travel insurance, this coverage starts when you start planning your vacation and ends as soon as you embark for your destination.

You decide to what extent you want to guarantee the reimbursement of your budget and, even, whether you want to add it as optional cover to a more comprehensive travel insurance or, quite simply, opt for one of its three modalities as a product. Independent in Light, Standard or Premium version or, which is the same, considering more or less covered reasons that prevent you from traveling. In each of the modalities, you will be guaranteed reimbursement of cancellation costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of your plans.

You can take out cancellation insurance yourself or add it to your holiday or business travel insurance.

Take out travel insurance

When booking a flight or booking a trip or weekend on the American Airlines website, travel insurance is available, it is strongly recommended that you take it out for safe travel. It is important to have good insurance when traveling. There are various travel insurance and other assistance or cancellation insurance services. Whether for holidays, weekends, business trips, expatriation, a trip for studies; there is a wide choice of travel insurance tailored to your needs in France and abroad. American airlines Travel cancellation insurance, cover for medical expenses, medical repatriation, civil liability abroad, luggage insurance, it is important to take out good insurance and good travel assistance with good guarantees to travel in peace.

Insurance provided by bank cards

Most bank cards cover the first months of travel in case of cancellation or baggage problems. When making your purchase, do not forget to pay for the plane ticket with the relevant bank card. You should know that classic bank cards (Blue cards, VISA, Mastercard) have few guarantees, so you must have a VISA Premier, Platinum, Infinite card or a Gold Mastercard, World Elite card for reimbursements in the event of medical costs are significant in countries where they are expensive. Travel insurance offers higher coverage limits for health care costs, cancellation costs and baggage coverage.

Consider covering yourself with health insurance while traveling

In Europe it is now necessary to travel with the European health insurance card that you can apply for with your Vitale card, every traveler of any age must be equipped with it, it will allow you to benefit from the on-site coverage of your care medical. Outside of Europe, you must normally advance all medical expenses incurred during your trip, so remember to keep the proof of payment, invoices and prescriptions to be reimbursed on your return. It is strongly recommended to take out travel insurance which will cover the costs incurred if necessary.

Remember to insure luggage

A lot of luggage is lost, delayed or damaged during travel, whether at the airport or elsewhere, for this it is strongly recommended to take out insurance against the theft, loss or damage to luggage and other personal property during your trip.

Take out cancellation insurance

There are many reasons for canceling a trip with American Airlines: accident, illness, unforeseen event, weather problem, etc. It is therefore very important to take out cancellation insurance to cover the costs incurred.

What reasons are covered by cancellation insurance?

From the amount of plane tickets, through accommodation and transport or simply excursions and / or events, it is you who decide how and to what extent you want to save your investment in your vacation. With cancellation insurance, you decide and we take care of providing you with cancellation insurance that includes up to 27 causes that may be worth the reimbursement of the investment. In the rental process we will ask you for the total amount of all the items you wish to insure. We have Light, Standard and Premium options.

Indeed, you will not have to worry either if, for one of the reasons envisaged in your cancellation insurance, you decide to "give" your vacation to someone else. In this case, we will be in charge of covering the costs caused by the change of holder of the reservation.

Read on and convince yourself that reservation protection insurance is always a good investment because you only pay a small percentage of your reservation amount and you leave the risk of losing your money in someone's hands. else.

Medical issues

Even if your health is iron, unexpected illness can strike you at any time. But if you choose to do it before starting your vacation, with Cancellation insurance you will only have to worry about recovering energy as quickly as possible to resume your projects without causing an imbalance in your budget.

A serious illness, an accident, a transplant or an appointment for a surgical treatment and even the consequences of the pre-trip vaccination are some of the causes that may be covered by the cancellation guarantee of your cancellation insurance.

Professional or educational issues

The reasons for the work are also included in the chapter on the causes covered by your cancellation insurance. A dismissal, a transfer, the granting of a scholarship, the expected appeal for this opposition for which you have been preparing for months ... If one of these circumstances coincides with your departure, the cancellation insurance will be your best ally to reimburse you for the investment and prepare for your vacation later.

Administrative procedures

Have you received a notification to be part of a polling station? Do you have a subpoena in connection with divorce proceedings or any other situation coinciding with your vacation? Quiet. Both in these cases and if for unjustified reasons you do not have the necessary visa for the chosen destination, your Cancellation insurance will allow you to face the cancellation of your trip with confidence.

Other reasons covered

There are many other scenarios that are beyond your control that you won't have to worry about if you protect your vacation booking by purchasing cancellation insurance. Can you imagine being arrested by the police? Or do you have a car accident before your trip? That your business is suffering from a fire? Strange as it may sound, these circumstances do happen, but with your cancellation insurance you will be protected before anything happens.

Cancellation insurance tailored to your needs

Because every trip is different and, to the same extent, every traveler is different, we have cancellation insurance for everyone. Who is yours?

Beyond the cancellation of your trip with the American company

Renting cancellation insurance means peace of mind, not in vain, you can get your money back in the event that an unforeseen circumstance forces you to cancel your plans. But there is more. If it is not you but the means of transport that experiences an unexpected situation, you will also be protected.

In case of delay of the means of transport, we will take care of paying you the investment in hotel, food or transport until you can start the journey. And, in addition, with your Standard or Premium Cancellation insurance you will also have covered the costs related to the hotel and the food while you are waiting or the transport ticket to your destination or home in the event of loss of connections due to a delay.

Need more reasons to purchase cancellation insurance while flying with American Airlines? Take note! You will travel protected by the market leader in travel assistance insurance and you will have the best team of experts at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  1. Sharon Kelso

    Mother just got out of hospital with covid. She needs 24 hour care might not be able to go on vacation this month. Am I covered with my cancellation insurance to get refund?

  2. Lee Askern

    Presntly, Canada is not allowing cruise ships of more than 100 passengers to dock in canada thru Feb., 2022. If we pay for a cruise scheduled to leave in June 2022 and Canada extends the ban; we will not have a need for airline tickets. Will you cover a refund for our air tickets if our cruise is cancelled due to Canada extending it’s ban?

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