Delta Air Lines: Its employees will soon benefit from a salary increase

The pay increase will go to 75,000 Delta Air Lines employees. Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian said he believes the airline will make money this year.

Delta Airlines has announced that it will give an average raise of 4% to each employee. The wage hike will trickle down to employees’ paychecks starting May 1. Delta Airlines has raised wages for its workers by an average of $3,000 per employee.

The American company expects strong passenger traffic in the coming months. The airline is offering bigger pay rises to its staff. Delta said it was not the union’s fault for the raise.

According to Ed Bastian, ticket sales continue to increase, the airline recognizes the need to further strengthen its workforce and fill thousands of positions left vacant also due to the pandemic. A solid contract and better wages are also essential to restore the confidence of employees who were thinking about joining the industry and have been so brutally shaken over the past two years.”

“Stronger contracts and better salaries are also key to rebuilding the confidence of employees considering joining the brutally shaken industry,” the CEO of Delta Air Lines said.

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