AAdvantage Tailwind: The promotion of American Airlines

American Airlines has just launched targeted marketing, details of which have been emailed to customers. We’ve seen how many people are likely to be affected by this, but let’s talk about the details.

What is your AAdvantage Tailwind promotion?

With the AAdvantage Tailwind promo, American is distributing twice the miles earned each year on domestic flights available for a commission:

– Typical subscription fees seem to work at $ 59.99, although it’s likely that many more will be offered an alternate price

Cross the numbers with this ad

How to do math exercises on AAdvantage Tailwind Advertising? First some principles:
– I appreciate AAdvantage miles at 1.5 cents each

To fight the numbers:
– To be able to share and receive your own commission of $ 60, you will need to earn at least 4000 bonus miles, according to our own assessment
– Since you would get 5 times more bonus miles per dollar invested, you would have to spend a total of $ 800 on the airline (excluding taxes and penalties) to emerge in advance

If you fly American Airlines with almost any regularity and are targeted by this ad I would say it’s worth it. But it looks like the American has been pretty deliberate with the targeting here, and the people targeted are mostly people who haven’t flown a lot in the past and / or don’t have a lot of trips planned.

Hopefully this can be rolled out on a widespread basis. At the end of the day, Americans blame the people here for the freedom to bring miles, and it will be a win-win, because it’s money in Americans’ “pocket”, and encourages people to. become loyal to Americans.

During times like these, you would think that an airline like American will offer additional “free” promotions that will entice people to book flights, however, I guess that’s way better than nothing, if it is. sufficiently targeted. .

AAdvantage Tailwind Marketing is a brand new targeted promotion from American Airlines. Eligible members can pay a predetermined amount (normally $ 59.99) to double the miles redeemable on domestic flights for an entire calendar year. Based on my mileage estimate, it’s definitely worth it if you plan to spend $ 800 on domestic travel in the next calendar year.

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