American Airlines restarts CRW (Charleston) – DCA (Washington) flight

American Airlines is being prepared to restart flights from Yeager Airport (CRW) to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA).

The ceremony was interrupted due to this COVID-19 pandemic. He is scheduled to return on February 11.

“2019 was clearly one of the best years, in terms of passenger numbers, at Yeager Airport,” said Nick Keller, Director and CEO of Yeager Airport. “2020 had its own challenges, but it’s really a whole new year and it’s exciting to watch the routes pick up at CRW Airport.”

“As customers begin to travel, American is excited to connect the Charleston area to global financing,” said Radney Robertson, general manager of DCA operations for American. “In the airport and on board, we have all gone to great lengths to ensure the well-being of consumers on the move while offering greater flexibility and choice than in the past.”

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