American Airlines Flagship: Temporary modification of the international lounge access policy

American Airlines is making adjustments to its international lounge access policy. The airline bills the changes as streamlining sofa accessibility policies and making it easier for customers to determine which lounge they have access to. These changes are currently in effect for a limited period of time, although it wouldn’t be surprising if the airline keeps the rules for longer.

American Airlines corrects lounge policy

As of April 1, customers with a first or business class ticket traveling worldwide between the United States and the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and Canada will have access to the Admirals Club. Premium chalet travelers on an international route will also receive Admirals Club access.

As for what changes, non-Flagship high-end chalet travelers (such as Flagship Business at a Boeing 787-9 or Flagship First at a 777-300ER) will currently receive free admission to Admirals Clubs.

Guests traveling in a premium non-Flagship cottage in Central America and Mexico City received admission to the Admirals clubs and the Flagship Lounge, which is the largest of the American sofa offerings.

There is also a tip for elite travelers.

Changes are temporary

An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed the changes are temporary at this time. The airline will follow customer feedback and may make the changes irreversible. However, the main focus for the airline will now be to follow CDC guidelines to ensure it sticks to the amounts of electricity in lounges.

The Flagship Lounges are currently closed, as are the Flagship First Dining facilities. So it makes sense for the American to direct a little more traffic out of Flagship First now.

The real problem for Americans is whether Admirals Clubs end up getting a little more crowded. This is a concern, especially since some salons are still closed. If passengers start to degrade over the number of people getting Admirals clubs, expect American Airlines to look into what it could do.

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