Delta Air Lines records an increase in its traffic during the last quarter of 2021

Delta Air Lines rose 1.4% pre-opening Wall Street after lifting the veil on its fourth quarter 2021 results. The US airline posted a net loss of $ 408 million over the period, or -64 cents per share, compared with net income of $ 1.1 billion, or $ 1.71 per share, in the fourth quarter of 2019 (pre-crisis). However, in adjusted data, the group recorded earnings per share of 22 cents, while the FactSet consensus was forecasting 14 cents.

For its part, turnover stood at 9.47 billion dollars, against a consensus of 9.02 billion and 11.4 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2019.

On the outlook side, Delta Air Lines has warned that it will record a loss in the first quarter of 2022, due to the impact of the Omicron variant. However, Ed Bastian, the company’s general manager, said he was confident that demand would be strong in the spring and summer.

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