United Airlines announces the cancellation of its flights from New York – JFK

United Airlines has announced that it has terminated its flights from New York – JFK airport. The reason: the American carrier failed to renew its contract with certain airlines from which it rented slots a year and a half ago.

The United States air carrier will therefore suspend its scheduled flights departing from New York airport, the last flight of which is scheduled for October 29, knowing that from this airport, United Airlines currently serves two flights regular to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The interruption of United Airlines services is bad news for a hundred employees of the American company who risk losing their jobs following this decision despite United Airlines reassuring them by promising to be able to occupy other positions. employment in other airports located near New York – JFK like Newark Liberty.

As a reminder, United Airlines resumed flights from JFK in March last year after securing slots for up to eight scheduled flights to and from the airport, while airlines leasing it the time slots asked him to recover them, in particular with the increase in air traffic recorded at this airport, after the easing of health restrictions.

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