United Airlines: Daily flight between San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai

United Airlines has announced that it will restart its daily flight from its San Francisco hub to Beijing in November. The American company is also increasing its service to Shanghai, going from four flights a week to one flight a day. The move is expected to significantly improve travel opportunities for people wishing to explore the two cities and strengthen the airline’s presence in the Chinese market.

United Airlines plans to sell about sixty-six thousand seats on its routes between San Francisco and the two Chinese cities, with a total of two hundred and ten flights per month. This capacity increase demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting travel demand to and from China, as well as the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting San Francisco and other destinations in the United States.

The relaunch of these flights comes at a time when air transport is gradually recovering from the impact of the pandemic. As travel restrictions ease and confidence in flying grows, United Airlines is well positioned to meet growing demand for travel between the United States and China.

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