American Airlines plans to lift ban on air travel without masks

American Airlines is likely to lift the mask requirement for passengers flying domestically within the United States as soon as possible. However, there could be some exceptions.

For instance, if the airline wants to make sure that people wearing masks are actually sick or infected with COVID-19, then the company may ask them to remove their masks before boarding an aircraft.American Airlines is planning to lift their mask mandate. American Airlines CEO Doug Parker just confirmed during a company meetin.

The federal mask mandate is due to expire next month. As soon as the federal mask requirement expires, “We won’t have masks required for our passengers or our flight attendants or for our employees”, says Parker. The federal mask mandate was extended by a few months in February.Mask mandate was implemented by president Joseph Biden during January 2020.

It was extended twice till now. American Airlines won’t lift its requirement, even though it’s pushed back again, until the Federal Order is removed. Airplanes use advanced filters that refresh airflow every 2-3 minutes. Health experts say that most cases of virus spread occur before mask mandates were put in place. Mandatory masking has been shown to be very effective in reducing the spread of coronavirus. Even after mask mandates, people will still be able to wear face masks on airplanes.

Passengers and employees won’t be required to wear masks anymore. Wearing masks isn’t mandatory anymore. People may choose to wear masks or not, but they’re allowed to.The Kremlin tamped down expectations that face-to-facetalks could result in a deal.

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