United Airlines: One of its planes suddenly plunges into the sea, the investigation continues

On December 18 last year, a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 plunged into the ocean off the coast of Hawaii. The aircraft took off from Kahului Airport for San Francisco.

Although the cause of this tragic incident which lasted less than a minute according to TAC remains to be determined, there are several theories as to what could have led to the descent of this plane into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Testimonials and possible causes

At least two eyewitnesses from different islands said they saw the plane go down in flames. Local authorities also said an emergency call was made from an altitude of 2,200ft before all contact with the plane was lost. The plane had been en route from Los Angeles to Honolulu for more than three hours when it crashed.

It was initially assumed that a mechanical failure must have caused this incident, as the weather conditions were not conducive to such a crash. Additionally, no distress calls were made prior to the descent, suggesting that something catastrophic may have happened on board very quickly, with little time for any type of communication or warning signs.

United Airlines Safety Record Investigations

In an attempt to determine what may have happened on Flight UA-777, experts are currently reviewing United Airlines’ safety record and other relevant information regarding its operations in general. Mechanical failures can be difficult and expensive to repair, which is why many airlines prefer not to choose parts that are subject to wear or break easily. In this case, investigators will want to be sure that UAL has maintained its aircraft to the highest safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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