United Airlines: Cheap flights from San Antonio to San Francisco

On National Plan for Vacation day, United Airlines is offering discounted fares from San Antonio International Airport to Washington DC and San Francisco for 2 roundtrip tickets for $119 per person (8,000 miles). Both flights are booked for Feburary 8th onwards. Economy fares for some flights from New York City to San Francisco begin at $89.

United Airlines has several flight deals available for vacation days at prices starting from just 39 dollars (3900 miles) per person. Planning For Your Next Vacation Is Celebrated To Encourage Americans To Plan Their Next Vacation.

For less than $150 roundtrip, there are two flights from Bergstrom Airport (AUS) to JFK airport (JFK).

San Antonio has recently considered an expansion plan for its Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). At the end of November, the city council approved plans for an expansion at SAIA. These plans include a new terminal, additional gates, parking, and improved infrastructure. They anticipate increased international traffic.

Expansion seems to be working out well so far. A few months ago, Southwest Airlines added a new route from OKC to Phoenix International Airport (PHX) without stopping at any intermediate cities. Starting next week, passengers will be able to fly from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to New York JFK International Airport (JFK).

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