United Airlines: A flight simulator is available in its mobile application

United Airlines has announced that its mobile application now benefits from a new service. It is a flight simulator to allow its passengers to have fun or test their skills in piloting planes.

This is an interesting addition to the App Store. This is a great idea as you can learn about the airline industry while playing games.

United Airlines has chosen to add seat back screens to all of their new planes. These seats allow passengers to watch movies, television, and even play games while flying. In addition, the app is a great place to check in, book flights, and buy inflight services.

United Airlines Mobile is a free application for iPad, iPhone and Android that allows you to easily manage your check-ins, your reservations, view real-time information and many other practical actions on your phone or tablet. This application is simply very convenient especially if you don’t like having to wait in long queues for check-in at the counter before your flight.

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